Working With ThinkCentral

ThinkCentral is the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) Web site that provides access to digital materials associated with HMH products for K-6. It also allows administrators to set up and modify accounts and run reports on student, class, and school progress.

Your user account provides you with access to digital resources your school has purchased, including teacher guides, student eBooks, assessments, and reports.


1.     Select a subject.


Description: Selecting a subject from the welcome screen

Select your subject

2.     Click your HMH program to go to ThinkCentral.


Description: Picking a program from the welcome screen

Pick your program

Register for ThinkCentral

As soon as your order has completed processing, we will send you an email containing your login information and instructions for getting started with ThinkCentral.

If you already have an administrator login and are just ordering new products, those products will become available to your teachers automatically.

To check your order status or to receive an administrator account, contact Digital Access and Administration via email at

Log In

You may want to bookmark the login page.

To access ThinkCentral:

1.     Select your State, District, and School.

Checking Remember My Information will make subsequent logins easier, but it does not store your user name or password.

2.     Type your User Name and Password.

3.     Click Log In.


Description: The log in screen

Logging in to ThinkCentral

When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to provide answers for three identification questions. These questions will be used to assist you if you ever lose your password.

Administrator’s Welcome Page

On the Welcome page you can:

·        Manage schools and classes, move students, and manage settings for your District and Schools.

·        Access Guides & Tutorials that provide further information on how to use ThinkCentral.

·        Monitor your district’s progress using exportable Reports on schools, students, or classes.

·        Create, import, or update User accounts for teachers, students, and other administrators.

·        Use Assignments to delegate tests or resources that your teachers can assign to their students.


Description: Administrators landing page

The Administrators’ Welcome Page

Navigate ThinkCentral

Navigation tabs and panes

Wherever you are in ThinkCentral, it’s easy to move around. Tabs at the top of the page link to major areas in the product and match those on the Welcome page.

Description: Navigation tabs and panels

ThinkCentral’s Users tab and panel

Click or hover your cursor over a tab to reveal a navigation pane that displays tasks related to key areas of ThinkCentral. Click the task you want to perform.

General Navigation

·        Click the ThinkCentral logo to return to the Welcome page.

·        Click Help to obtain instructions on the current page’s tasks.

·        Click Back to return to the previous page without saving your changes.

·        Click Cancel to exit the current page without saving any of your changes.

·        Click Log Out to exit ThinkCentral.

Navigate Long Lists

If a table of listed results fills more than one page you can navigate the list by either:

·        Clicking a page number above the results table, or

·        Using the Page navigation controls located above and below the roster.


Description: Results page controls

Page navigation controls

The page navigation controls are:

·        Left arrow with a line: go to the first results page

·        Left arrow: move to the previous page.

·        Right arrow: move to the next page.

·        Right arrow with a line: go to the last results page.

·        To jump straight to a specific page in the results, type a page number in the Page field and press Enter on your keyboard.

Required Fields in Forms

Required fields in forms are indicated by a red asterisk*. The forms cannot be saved before these fields have been completed.


Description: Password fields

Required fields marked with a red asterisk

Update Your Account

To update your account details, click Account on the Welcome page or click Update Account Information on the Account pane.

You can update your account information at any time. The majority of these fields will never change, but you may want to change some fields—such as your password—on a regular basis.


Description: Update Account Information page

Update Account Information

1.     Select your Title, if desired.

2.     Type your First Name, Middle Initial, and Last Name in the appropriate fields. This is how your name will appear in ThinkCentral.

3.     Type your Email address.

4.     Choose and type a Password.

Your password must be between five and thirty-two alphanumeric characters. Retype your password for confirmation in the Retype password entry field.

You cannot change your user name, but you can change your password at any time by typing a new password in the Password entry fields.


5.     Set up your Password hints by selecting a question and entering an answer.

If you forget your password, the system will challenge you to answer one or more password hints to prove your identity.

You may set up to three password hints. Your answers given in the future must match exactly what you type in these fields now. Please choose answers that you can remember easily.


6.     Click Save to save your account information.

View Available Products

The View Available Products page allows you to view the materials to which your district (or school) is entitled. Select View Available Products from the Account pane and then filter your view of the products available to you.


Description: List of available products

View Available Products

1.     On the Grade list, select the check boxes next to all grades you want to include.

2.     Click a School. (District administrators select the entire district).

3.     Click a Subject.

4.     Optionally, click a Language.

5.     Click Find to view a list of available products that match your selected criteria.

For help navigating the list, see Navigate Long Lists in the Welcome to ThinkCentral section.

Export the List

To export a copy of the list of products as a CSV file, click Export.


Last revision: October 11,2013

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